Nutritional Sector

This section was opened because we want to deliver the best food products there is and we have provided free delivery services to all Iraqi governorates to reduce road difficulties and expenses so that everyone can get their hands on our products. We provide local and imported food products with our own brands and with very high specifications that save us our concern for consumers' health.

We produce or supply Goods, Services, or Sources

We imported materials that are not manufactured in Iraq in order to fill the gap and not compete with local products by supporting Iraqi factories that have been stalled due to the events and previous conditions in Iraq. We provided the products according to the parameters related to tomatoes in different sizes jam, peas, tuna, vermicelli, rice, etc. We chose them of high accuracy to be in special brands and affiliate us.

We have worked to open offices and branches of our company in several different governorates that work around 12 hours a day to provide the best food local and imported food products.