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One of the important sections in Al-Mufid Company and the main supporter in the development of the permanent economy, through the implementation of various agricultural projects, which we mentioned in advance, and the establishment of international and local conferences with non-profit organizations, including the USAD, most of which were established in the Republic of Iraq and here.

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This section was opened because we want to deliver the best food products there is and we have provided free delivery services to all Iraqi governorates to reduce road difficulties and expenses so that everyone can get their hands on our products. We provide local and imported food products with our own brands and with very high specifications that save us our concern for consumers' health.

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The oil Section is considered one of the most important sectors in Al Mufid Company, and that is in the Al Mufid International Group of companies. And after focusing the attention of the administration and the chairman of the board of the company’s management in developing and building the section in cooperation with international oil companies and in various specialties from what has been achieved to conclude oil contracts with several companies.

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About Us

Who we are?

Al-Mufid Company was launched in 2008 to provide the solid ground upon which pragmatic companies are based, to be the renaissance of modern Iraq in terms of launching and undertaking urban and commercial projects, economic initiatives, ambitious commercial and investment projects, and infrastructure projects specialized in all aspects of new and modern life.


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