Al-Mufid Company was launched in 2008 to provide the solid ground upon which pragmatic companies are based, to be the renaissance of modern Iraq in terms of launching and undertaking urban and commercial projects, economic initiatives, ambitious commercial and investment projects, and infrastructure projects specialized in all aspects of new and modern life. The achievements of Al-Mufid Company had the main role in the prosperity and great development witnessed by the private sector in the modern Republic of Iraq, and from that the management of the company took its initiative in creating and establishing a supportive commercial and investment environment that attracted the largest international and multinational companies from all over the world, which strengthened the work closely with Iraqi realistic companies and the Government of Iraq as a model to be emulated in the fields of economic and social development. Here, the strategy of Al-Mufid Company was going completely and simultaneously with the strategies of international companies and with the strategy of the New Iraq in particular, its participation in international exhibitions and international conferences in the Middle East and the Region.